Coaching churches and ministries

Michael has more than 20 years experience in serving, leading and ministering within the church and has been involved in several different ministry and department types.

The focus is to help people to reach their full potential in Christ. (John 1:10)

Leading within the church or a ministry setting is not an easy task. Every person has their strengths and their weaknesses. Any leader or pastor typically has a main focus, for example topics they like to talk about, or they have passion for a specific area.  Like Jesus said to the disciples in Matthew 9:37: The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The tasks are plenty, maybe you are overloaded, or don’t know where to begin to fix the problems and challenges. Perhaps you want you and your church to increase, but you don’t know how.  Sometimes we just need someone from outside to have a fresh look at things, specifically when this person has a lot of experience and can analyze things quickly.

The big picture

We always need to look at the complete picture, at every part of the service and the church in general, and yes, small things matter. Michael is a very detailed person, through his background as a Software developer he has an eye for the fine details. In software development, a program can crash, if you use a ‘,’ instead of a ‘.’. An example in the church context could be, if the sound system is not good, broken, or the sound mix has problems. Another example would be, everything in your church looks great, and well organized, but maybe the toilets are smelling. This might diminish how a person experiences the service and might be distracted from the God encounter that you desire for your congregation and visitors.

Michael has been serving in many different ministries and departments of the years: Youth Ministries, Preaching and teaching team, leading the Welcome Team, TV team at Hillsong, lights team, website development, events organization team, graphic design team, Small Group leader, Connecting team, IT team. Additionally he has been member at different churches across 3 nations in Germany, Australia and Brazil. With this experience he can contribute with a vast cultural knowledge and understanding. For more than one year now he has been leading a Service in English in Belo Horizonte Brazil.

How to receive people when they visit your church or ministry?

The church focuses a lot on the sermons and studying the word, which is good. Generally the worship team is also focused on performance, because it is very prominent and visible. One thing we should not forget, is what is the experience that a guest receives when they are entering into your church. We need to look at the big picture, consider various variables that can make it pleasant for the visitor, or not.  Because we have been in that place for long time, we don’t recognize how a new person must feel. Sometimes the people don’t listen to your message, because there is some noise. Or the auditorium is to hot or to cold. Do they get a personal welcome. Is all of this matching with the standard of the sermons and worship?

When a person feels welcome and at home, they’ll more likely to open up to the message of Jesus!

There are many different methods to achieve these goals, and most of them are very simple. Check out some of Michael’s videos on this topic to get some ideas: Link to videos.

Improving the visual communication of your church, such as lighting , stage design, pamphlets, website, social media, projectors for arts or events. One of the most important things is be concerned with is how visitors feel when they enter in your church or ministry. At Hillsong Church, Michael learnt different ways of achieving this.

Are you contemplating about one or more of these questions?

  • You want to empower your pastors, leader, and volunteers?
  • You want to increase your leadership capacity?
  • You want to improve the “Sunday experience” the visitors will have?
  • You want to make your church feel more like home?
  • You would like to have more dedicated leaders and volunteers?
  • You want to have a greater impact on society?
  • You want the administration and organization of your church to be more effective?
  • you want to improve your financial management?
  • You want to improve your overall communication and visual design?
  • You want to invest in and increase your leaders and volunteers?

If you are currently thinking about one of the above questions you should contact Michael and arrange for a first meeting. This can also be held online, e.g. via Skype. As a Kingdom minded person, Michael would love to help your church or ministry


  • Holding inspirational Volunteer and leaders meetings
  • Organizing team days, volunteer celebrations
  • Consulting with people personally or in groups
  • Leading and moderating workshops tailored to your goals


+55 31 9 9272 0750 (Whatsapp),

In everything we do we should do it with excellence, to glorify our God, Jesus


  • Gideon’s (24 Hours Before The Lord) ministry – Pastora Ângela Valadão. Restructuring of the information and visual of the website in 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish). Analyzing and improving of the Internal and external communication. Teaching how to effectively use Social media, Youtube and the website.
  • Sintonia 1 –A band for weddings. Visual identity, Online advertisement, organizing, getting new clients. Helping with the advertisement strategy.
  • Mariana Assis and André Silva- Leaders of the English Ministry at Lagoinha church