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This blog is about language learning, it contains general tips for who is starting to learn a language, and for who is already learning a new language. Many of the posts are focusing on the German language, some of the grammar lessons contain online exercises.


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Secrets for learning German fast! (or any other new language)

Learn 10 secrets on how you can learn German fast. This is helpful for absolute beginners, but also a good help for those who already started learning German, and even when you are having German classes!
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10 proven tips on how to remember words in a foreign language

10 proven tips on how to remember words in a foreign language

Do you have difficulty remembering new words of the language you are currently learning? This normal. Of course some students learn more easily, while others need a bit more time and effort. To learn a new language is a great exercise for our brain, and is also good for older people. Nevertheless, it can be […]
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Kasus in German: Nominativ Akkusativ Dativ und Genitiv (pdf download)

The Kasus is one of the things most German learners have problems with, as this concept doesn’t exist in this form in many other languages. Actually in Latin there are 6 different Kasus. To make the understanding and the learning process easier I have created this tables. The first one is the Kasus for the […]
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How much time does it take to learn English or German

10 indicators for language learning speed One of the first questions I get asked, when someone wants to start learning a new language, in my case German or English, is how long does it take until I can talk or at least have a basic conversation in that language. Before we go into the topic […]
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8 tips for language learning, that you should know before you start your classes

How to best prepare for your first language classes. You are hopefully very excited to learn a new language. Out of many years of experience in providing English and German classes I want to share some proven tips with you. They will help to improve your language learning from the first moment on, and will […]
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5 levels to learn German and English or any other language

In this video you are going learn the 5 different levels for any language learning. Pass through each of them, and learn how you can progress to the next level. You are interested in learning German or English? Contact Michael! Here is some information about the German language exams More information about learning German or […]
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How to properly use ‘wenn’, ‘als’, and ‘wann’ in German

The three words wenn, als, and wann” can all be translated as “when” or in view cases “if” into the English language. Many of my students are not sure in which situations to use which word. For this reasons I want to clarify the significance and the differences of those words in the German language. […]
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