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Since beginning of 2013 Michael is also teaching English and German in schools, and in private sessions. He is working with a lot of students with different language needs. Using good didactic books and material is important, for this reason he chooses the best for the specific level of the students.

German is a diverse language, and very useful for everyone who is working in engineering, loves culture, classical music and literature. In case you are already speaking a foreign language, why not learning German?

Everyone can learn any language! We just need to believe that we are able and capable of doing so! No matter how seemingly difficult the new language might look.

If  you are looking for classes that are tailored to your needs, than you are in the right place:
Michael is a native German with many years living abroad. 3 years he studied and lived in Sydney Australia. Since 2013 he has been living with his wife in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Over the years he has helped many students to live their dreams, working, living or studying abroad. When are you going to make your dream happen?

Michael is a German and English teacher, that guides his students through the process of learning a language.

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Michael's strength and specialty

His strength is to adapt quickly to the students specific language needs. Everyone who wants to learn a language has a different background, different motivation, and different ways of learning new things. Language is a complex construct and it needs time and effort for our brains to adapt to that. Michael is helping his students in this process, by teaching in the best way for the student to understand and to learn quickly. Furthermore he is a member of the Association of German teachers of Minas Gerais (Associação Mineira de Professores de Alemão).

Michael's specialty is to teach English and German for technical and business purposes. As a software developer, he gained a lot of experience and has worked with many international companies like  UID, SAP Audi, and Cochlear.



Reasons to learn or improve German and English:

  • Watching movies and reading books in a foreign language
  • Missions work
  • Working and living abroad
  • Preparing for job application process.
  • Interest in other cultures and languages

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You need your text, book, article or website translated into German? Michael can help you with this, his focus are technical translations, also preachings and Christian articles.

He already has helped many people to achieve their dreams, to live abroad, to make an internship, to work in other nations.


Maybe you got excited to learn or to improve your language skills. Why don't you contact Michael for a test class? If you are living in Belo Horizonte Brazil, you can ask him for a personal test class, if you live somewhere else ask for an online class, typically per Skype or Zoom.


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