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Do you want to learn German? That is awesome! And you are looking for having private classes with a German, which will enable you to have more time speaking and thus will progress with faster with the language? Maybe you are very excited to start, but you couldn't find a class with a native speaker close to your house, or you need to have the class at a specific time, for example during your lunch break? Perhaps you live in a country where you have neither a school nor a native German teacher close to you. Than online classes are for you! Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a good Internet connection to have a great video online class.

Michael’s specialty is to teach German for technical and business purposes. As a software developer, he gained a lot of experience and has worked with many international companies like UID, SAP Audi, and Cochlear. Supplementary he is explaining and training the cultural aspect of living and working in Germany, and how you can adapt well to this new culture. Sometimes his students require training job interviews, and through this many gained great work opportunities! Over the years he has helped many students to live their dreams, working, living or studying abroad. When are you going to make your dream happen?

4 Reasons for online classes:

  1. Classes in the comfort of your home, or office
  2. No spending time in transit
  3. More flexible
  4. No extra dislocation costs

A good teacher should always guide his students through the language learning process!


Ricardo: I have a PhD in history of science and I was in Munich as a visiting scholar - at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In this matter, a German friend has recommended me to have classes with Michael. I was in need of an excellent German teacher for online classes, who would be very skilled and would also work with all aspects of the language, such as grammar, pronunciation, and culture. In this sense, I had a productive time, I am very satisfied and can highly recommend Michael as teacher. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute!

If you are looking for classes that are tailored to your needs, than you are in the right place!

About Michael Schmidt

  • Native German 
  • More than 6 years experience as a language teacher
  • Member of the Association of German teachers of Minas Gerais in Brazil (AMPA)
  • Studied pastoral leadership at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia
  • Living in Brazil since 2013 
  • Master in Software Engineering

Teaching method

His strength is to adapt quickly to the students specific language needs. Everyone who wants to learn a language has a different background, different motivation, and different ways of learning new things. Language is a complex construct and it needs time and effort for our brains to adapt to that. With joy Michael is helping his students in this process, by teaching in the best way for the student to understand and to learn quickly. Using good didactic books and material is important, for this reason he chooses the best for the specific level of the students.

How does it work?

Normally I use the video-chat software Zoom, rarely Skype, but we can also use any other program you are familiar with. If you are not sure if online class would work for you, just ask for an experimental class (at 50% value of the regular class). The payment is via Bank transfer (Brazil or Germany), in all other cases via PayPal.


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