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Your are studying the Bible? And would like to have a fun way of testing your Bible knowledge? Than you are in the right place! The topic of the quizzes are based on Bible scripture. Of course you can also use this quiz in your church, small group, or youth ministry. We hope that you also will be inspired to study your Bible more in depth, and to pay attention to the details.


There are also versions of these quizzes in Portuguese: Aqui a versão em Português: Jogos de perguntas Bíblico


If you want to receive an e-mail with all the Bible references of a quiz, to further study the content, just fill out your name and e-mail at the end of the quiz. 


Some of the quizzes can be solved more easy with the help of the People in the Bible charts

Now have some fun:

Bible-Quiz Reformation Day Martin Luther

On the 31st of October the reformation day is celebrated world wide. It is such an important day, that marked and changed the world, especially Germany and Europe. Martin Luther has translated the Bible into German, and with it, unified the German language, it’s impact can still be seen today. In the church a big […]
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Banner Bible Quiz about King David 01

People in the Bible Quiz: King David (01)

Make a quiz about King David's life, what do you know about him? Test your Old Testament Bible knowledge!
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Banner Bible Quiz about Pentecost

Bible-Quiz: Pentecost

Make a quiz about Pentecost, what do you know about it? Test your Bible knowledge!
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