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On the 31st of October the reformation day is celebrated world wide. It is such an important day, that marked and changed the world, especially Germany and Europe. In Germany this day is a public holiday on half of the federal states (Bundesländer) and the 1st of November all saints (Allerheiligen) is a holiday in another 5 states. Martin Luther has translated the Bible into German, and with it, unified the German language, it’s impact can still be seen today.


In the church a big paradigm shift happened! A new church arose, a more updated theology and understand of grace and forgiveness of sin.

How much do you know about the reformation day?


Here is the German version of this quiz: Deutsch-Quiz der Reformationstag


The Quiz is very simple to use: You just need to select one of the options under the question, and you’ll immediately get a response if the answer is correct or not. Try it out:

Now have some fun answering the 10 questions about the Reformation:

Bible-Quiz: Reformation Day / Martin Luther:

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