People in the Bible Quiz: King David (01)

How much do you know about King David’s life? About his relationships, his friends, his enemies, his family? He is one of the most well-known figures of the Old Testament, and his leadership and kingship is regarded as one of the best of all the kings of Judah and Israel. Test your knowledge today with the People in the Bible Quiz about King David. The answers, and specifically the names are from the NIV translation. How much do you now about this, without looking into your Bible or asking Google?

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Thumbnail King David family tree 4 generations

In case you find this quiz a bit too difficult, check out the People in the Bible Charts, for some help. Check out the 4 generation family tree of King David, or the King David relationship diagrams. These might get you some tips for answering the Quiz ;-). These charts are also available in German and Portuguese!

The Quiz is very simple to use: You just need to select one of the options under the question, and you’ll immediately get a response if the answer is correct or not. Try it out:

Now have some fun answering the 10 questions about King David and his life:

People in the Bible-Quiz: King David (01):

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