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King David: Family tree

Banner crop of the King David Family tree 4 generations

A family tree of David including 4 generations (His parents, wifes, his children and grand children). Each information is referenced to a bible scripture! This diagram is more rich in details than a traditional family tree. Have a look and find out the surprises in David’s genealogy yourself:

How this family tree works:

The colour coding and icons are very easy to understand. The legend is at the bottom of the graphic!
Every person is represented by a box, while the name of the person is put in it’s center. At the bottom right of the box the scripture reference is placed. To distinguish people who have the same name one(*), two(**) or three(***) asterix are placed on the top right corner of the rectangle. The person with same name, but one asterix (*) is one person. Another person with the same name, but with two stars (**) is a different person. This will remove the name confusion and make it much easier to understand the story, e.g. Abigail(*) , who is David’s sister and Abigail(**) who is David’s wife.
The box colors represent the different degrees of kinship and they are always in relation to the main person, in this case David! The icons on the top left corner indicate additional information or special functions like, a soldier, army commander or general, or where David`s children were born (Hebron or Jerusalem). This also includse the order the children were born. The lines between the people show the relationship status. In the family tree it is the parent/child and marriage relationship. The comment texts are for very important information, or for clarification purposes.

David’s full family tree as PDF document

Full size image of the family tree of King David

King David: Relationship diagram

These diagrams help to easily grasp and understand the many interactions David had with people in his life. The charts are topic based to break down a persons story. To start we have one chart about the interactions between the houses of the two kings.
Also have a look at David’s 4 Generation Family tree . Important: the kinship degrees from the 4 Generation Family Tree are used in the relationship diagrams too, and are always based on the main person, in this series it is King David.

David and the house of Saul chart

This diagram show the interactions and relations between the house of King Saul and the house of David. The green represents the house of Saul, while the red background represents the house of David. This chart does not show all the people in David’s and Sauls house, but only the ones that interacted with each other.

David’s full family tree as PDF document

Full size image of the relationship diagram of of King David